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5 Points On Why To Use SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for Delivery

Technology has improved the supply chain system to such an extent that you can order a product and get it delivered in 24 hrs. Speed and reaction times are determining factors when it comes to deliveries. Be it hot meals or any other product on online stores, customers these days expect deliveries to be quick. Efficiency in last-mile deliveries in this age of cut-throat competition is crucial for faster and accurate deliveries. 

By introducing instant messaging channels such as SocialEpoch, efficiency and transparency can be introduced. Into the system. SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp Business API-based SCRM tool that connects businesses to customers through WhatsApp. This makes it simple for businesses who are running their online business and have to arrange home deliveries to make it an efficient and profitable distribution channel.

5 Reasons Why Business Should Adopt SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for Delivery

Top 5 reasons for you to adopt SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for your delivery are as follows:

1. One Stop Solution

SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for  Delivery: One Stop solution

Building a delivery management portal is hectic and costly. But now, through the SocialEpoch WhatsApp API, managing deliveries becomes very smooth and cost-effective. A customer can view the products, place an order, and make payments there itself. 

An added advantage of using SocialEpoch for placing orders is that now customers can share any specific requirements or customization requests through chats. This makes it convenient for businesses to assimilate all order-related information with Whatsapp as a single point of contact. SocialEpoch acts as a unified solution for every activity from order receiving, order tracking to order delivery. 

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2. Customer handling through SCRM

SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for  Delivery: customer handling

Nowadays, customer handling is a key challenge. Whether you set up an in-house customer management team or outsource it, customer handling can eat up a lot of your marketing budget. SocialEpoch offers you a complete SCRM solution interfaced with WhatsApp Business. 

This lets you handle all your customer’s queries and requests through WhatsApp and provide personalized customer support in real-time.  With SocialEpoch, you can automate a lot of redundant tasks making it easy to handle a large number of customers quickly without spending extra on it. 

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3. Task Assignment

SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for  Delivery: Task assignment

After getting orders from the customer the key challenge is assigning the task to the right people at the right time. Especially in the case of food deliveries where the ETA is a maximum of 30-60 mins, it requires a high level of accuracy and precision in task delegation and its monitoring. SocialEpoch offers you an inbuilt task management feature that lets you assign tasks to specific team members. You can also view all their conversations, assign or reassign tasks and keep a track of team responsibilities. 

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4. Live location tracking

SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for  Delivery: live location tracking

Tracking is also a very crucial part of customer satisfaction and minimizing return. WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business offers location sharing and live location tracking features.  This helps customers as well as the business to be more precise in finding locations and estimating the time of arrival. So through this, it’s much easier to track the product. Apart from live-tracking, you can also frequently update your customers about the status of the delivery through text notification and fulfill your customer expectations. 

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5. Easy Payment

Easy Payment

As per a survey, up to 74.52% of customers abandon their carts never to return. The most common reason being that customers find the check-out process to be too complex or time-consuming. Payments are also a very important part of delivery. WhatsApp has recently rolled out a payments feature that allows you to make payments or receive payment from your contact from your chat box itself.  All you have to do is to add your bank details and you are ready to send or receive money from your contacts with just a click. With quick and easy payment options, you can speed up your order acceptance and delivery process by many folds. 

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Advantages of SocialEpoch

Advantages of SocialEpoch

Some of the feature-based advantages of using SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for Delivery are as follows:

1. Automated response

Whether you wish to send greetings to your customers or notify them about new products and delivery updates, automated response features can be a real lifesaver for your delivery business. You can set keyword-based responses which will be automatically sent to your customers every time they send you a particular text. 

2. Quick reply

To make managing a large customer base and providing instant response possible, SocialEpoch offers a quick reply feature. This feature allows you to create a list of responses that can be sent to any of your contact with just a click. This saves you the effort of typing the response every time and makes responding to thousands of customers’ queries possible.

3. Task assignment

Assigning tasks within teams of the same department or across multiple departments and keeping track of it can be a real hassle. But not if you have a SocialEpoch management feature to help you out. It not only allows task assignment across departments and teams, but it also makes it extremely easy to keep track of it and reassign it if required.

4. Multilingual support

Breaking language barriers is easy as SocialEpoch allows you to communicate with your international clients in their native language. You simply select the target language and all your conversations will be automatically converted to your target language preference.


Technology is the ultimate solution when it comes to time efficiency and accuracy. Last-mile delivery constitutes 50-70% of logistics cost and time. Using the right tools such as SocialEpoch WhatsApp API for deliveries can make your entire process smooth and productive.

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