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6 Effective Ways To Advertise Using WhatsApp Business

6 Effective Ways To Advertise Using WhatsApp Business

Are you running your business entirely on WhatsApp or using it as a touchpoint for your customer service?

Maybe it’s time you discover the potential of WhatsApp as an advertisement tool. WhatsApp can pull customers like a magnet and help you build long-term relationships, all at the same time!

WhatsApp has such a strong foothold in digital marketing and business-customer relationship that any business not using it is considered old-school. Customers no longer wish to dial-up customer care to talk to a business. They go for businesses that offer WhatsApp as their point of contact. 

Apart from providing a convenient channel through which businesses can provide customer care in real-time, WhatsApp can also be used for advertisements.

Not really sure how to do that, let me walk you through several effective ways to advertise through WhatsApp.

6 Ways You Can Advertise Using WhatsApp

Here are 6 ways you can nail your strategy to advertise using WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business account:

1. Notifications

Advertise using WhatsApp through notifications

How do you let your customers know that you just launched a new product or there is a sale going on?

A straightforward way would be to send them a chat notification. Good ethics of notifications is that the message should be short and crisp and if required, should be accompanied by engaging creatives.

WhatsApp notifications can help you get an instant reaction from your customers as WhatsApp has a message read rate of 98% which is the highest for any social media platforms. 

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2. Status

Advertise using WhatsApp through status

The potential of status updates has largely been undermined in marketing but they can play an important role in advertising your products. On average, 35-50% of people check the status update of their contacts on a daily basis. 

WhatsApp status can be used as a slideshow of all your latest products or offers. While this saves you the effort to update each of your customers about your products individually, you can also get their reaction on each of your products in your private chat. 

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3. Group chats

Advertise using WhatsApp through group chat

Not sure how your product will workout or want to get your customer’s opinion for it? Group chats can be a great medium for it. You can engage with your customers in group chats and build excitement around your upcoming product. You can also use group chats to get customer opinions, suggestions, or feedback on your products. 

Group chats help businesses enhance engagement with their customers and establish a casual relationship with them. You can get creative with your group chats and organize fun polls for upcoming products. This will not only give you the idea of what product will work and what won’t but also create some excitement around it. 

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4. Personalized product recommendations

Personalized product recommendations

Customers appreciate it when they are treated special. But you do not have to go overboard with it. Sending personalized product recommendations based on their interests or purchase history can help you get more sales and earn yourself some love and loyalty from your customers. 

When customers see more product recommendations that are relevant to their interests or taste, they are more likely to visit your website or product catalog. This creates a much higher chance that they will eventually purchase the product.

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5. Broadcast list

Broadcast list

If you have identified customers based on their product preferences and interests, you can categorize them into broadcast lists accordingly. Broadcast lists are similar to group chats. Only that it’s one-way communication and members of a broadcast list do not have any information of its co-members. You can create broadcast lists and send advertisement notifications according to the interest of the members of the list. This will also save you a lot of time and effort in sending them advertisement notifications one by one to each member individually. 

But curating interest-specific advertisements for each broadcast list, you can ensure that all your customers get the most relevant advertisement notifications and finally make a purchase. 

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6. Phone calls

Phone calls

Nothing beats a once in a while phone call when it comes to getting to know your customers better. Or maybe catch up with them to check on how they are doing. As long as you don’t sound salesy and push them to buy your product or service, phone calls can be a subtle way to staying on the top of your customer’s mind and get to know their feedbacks or suggestions. This information can further be used to suggest the most relevant products for them. 

Though phone calls are not very much relevant to millennials, customers who belong to a much higher age group could be the most preferred target for advertisements through phone calls.

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So, that was all about effective ways to advertise using WhatsApp Business. Each advertisement method mentioned here may have a different impact based on your product or service.  Let us know which advertisement methods you prefer best.

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