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7 Reasons Why WhatsApp Is The Most Secure Tool For Business

WhatsApp has always grabbed the headlines due to its frequent feature rollouts. But of late, there has been a lot of buzz regarding its privacy policy update where users are required to accept the terms and conditions to continue using the application. Many ended up questioning if WhatsApp is a secure tool.

This has created a lot of stir among its users as some see it as a violation of their privacy and freedom. Whether we agree to the new privacy policy or not, there is no denying that WhatsApp has become an irreplaceable part of life. There are hundreds of businesses out there who rely on WhatsApp as their online marketplace and CRM platform. 

WhatsApp is the need of every business at the moment and can be seen as an essential part of every customer service. But this update has definitely left us wondering if WhatsApp can be relied upon with our privacy and data security.

Here, we will discuss the WhatApp security features, and find out if it is a secure tool for businesses.

7 Factors That Prove WhatsApp Is The Most Secure Tool For Businesses

WhatsApp is known for its high level of security and these 7 features form the core of it. Let’s understand how each feature works and how it makes WhatsApp a secure tool.

1. End-to-end encryption

WhatsApp a secure tool, with End-to-end encryption

The end-to-end encryption feature converts your messages into an encrypted code before sending it to the recipient. This ensures that the messages are not intercepted by any third party during transmission. The only people who can read the message are the sender and the recipient. This comes as a default feature for both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. 

For businesses that need to exchange confidential and important information with their customers, clients, and associates, end-to-end encryption can prove to be a real-life saver. 

2. Automatic cloud backup

WhatsApp a secure tool, with automatic cloud backup

Losing valuable client information or your customer contact list can be a nightmarish situation for any business. Data is an asset for businesses and one cannot afford to lose it at any cost. WhatsApp ensures that your business never loses any data as it provides automatic cloud backup. This allows you to store all your valuable data over the cloud. In case you need to change your number or device, you can easily restore all your data to your device. 

3. Two-factor Authentication

WhatsApp a secure tool, with two factor authentication

If identity theft is your concern with your WhatsApp account, you can protect your account using two-factor verification or two-factor authentication. With this feature, you can make sure that your WhatsApp number can only be activated on any device after a six-digit pin is entered.

You can enable your two-step verification by going to WhatsApp Settings>Account> Two-step verification and then tap enable.

WhatsApp will then need you to enter a six-digit activation code. You also get the option to enter an email address to help you recover the code in case you ever forget it.

4. Disappearing messages

WhatsApp a secure tool, with disappearing feature

Whether you are a business or an enterprise, you occasionally have highly confidential conversations. Under no circumstances would you want that information to get into the hands of someone within your organization or outside of it. With WhatsApp’s recently announced ‘Disappearing messages’ feature, you can have your messages disappear automatically after 7 days. This feature can be used both for individual and group chats. For the latter, the admins can only enable the feature in the group chats.

Once the ‘Disappearing messages’ feature is enabled for personal or group chats, the new messages sent in the contact and group chats will disappear after seven days. It will also remove photos and videos shared after this period. This feature will not affect messages that were sent or received previously in the chats.

5. Tweak privacy settings

Tweak privacy settings

Another security feature that you can use for our business account is the privacy feature. WhatsApp provides you with options to choose, who you want to share your profile photo, status, and other details with. You can also hide your last seen and the message read status if you wish to have a more discrete space for yourself.

6. Lock WhatsApp account with touch or face id

Lock WhatsApp account with touch or face id

In case you ever suspect that someone might have an access to your WhatsApp account, you can lock your account altogether. WhatsApp provides you with options to enable Face ID for iPhone, and Fingerprint lock for Android. To activate, open WhatsApp Settings. Tap Account > Privacy > Screen Lock. Turn on Require Touch ID or Require Face ID, and then select the length of time WhatsApp can be on standby mode before Touch ID or Face ID is required.

7. Report spam

Report spam

If you feel your business account is being targeted by spam, you can protect it by reporting spam against the contact. WhatsApp helps you identify and handle spam messages. If encountered with Spam, WhatsApp advises users to block the sender, disregard the message and delete it.


So, those are the 7 security features that WhatsApp offers its users. And with that, should have addressed your concern regarding your data security and privacy. WhatsApp is no doubt one of the most secure tools for business as well for individuals who like to stay connected with their friends and family.  

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