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Boost Traffic On WhatsApp Through User Generated Content Campaigns

Your customers are your best marketers. Especially in a time where people are more open to sharing their experience of a product or a brand on social platforms. Many brands focus on actively engaging with their customers on social media platforms. In doing that, they create a loyal fan base who easily convert into customers and also create brand awareness at a much larger scale. 

WhatsApp is one such social networking platform where brands can engage with customers and build themselves a large customer base with minimal effort. For example, if you shared a new product campaign with your customers on WhatsApp and they liked it, there is a high chance that they will forward it to their friends and family. 

User-generated content campaigns through social media have helped brands gain huge awareness across global boundaries in a short span of time. Let’s learn more about it.

What are User Generated Content Campaigns?

User-generated content campaigns are marketing campaigns where a brand invites its customers and social media groups to an event where they share content based on a certain theme.

User-generated content campaigns are usually centered around the brand’s products and framed into a fun activity that can be intriguing to just about anyone. This creates awareness about the brand and in a certain way also promotes the sale of its products either directly or indirectly. 

User-generated content campaigns are usually low-cost campaigns that can last for a long period of time and have a much higher impact as compared to regular campaigns.

Why WhatsApp Based User Generated Content Campaigns Have Better Impact

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social platforms around the world. WhatsApp users have a high engagement rate where every user checks their WhatsApp message at least once a day. No wonder, WhatsApp boasts of one of the highest read rates which are around 98%. This means that if a business promotes itself through WhatsApp, it’s sure to get its recipient’s attention.

This makes WhatsApp one of the most preferred platforms for their marketing campaigns. Campaigns that trigger customer engagement not only help in strengthening the brand presence, it also aids in establishing a strong long-term relationship with customers.

Here are few factors that make WhatsApp Based User Generated Content more impactful:

1. Inclusiveness

Customer inclusiveness can be a subtle marketing strategy that can yield huge benefits in terms of sale promotions, customer experience, and long-term retention. Campaigns that trigger user-generated content create a sense of inclusiveness among its customer base. It makes them more excited about participating in it.

2. Easy to participate

WhatsApp is used by more than 2bn users across the globe. This makes WhatsApp-based campaigns easier to participate in. Users need not visit any website or install any app. They can reach out to the brand through the platform they are already familiar with.

3. Easy to share

The success of an ad campaign can depend on how easily shareable it is. With WhatsApp, users can easily share campaigns in groups and forward them to their personal contacts with ease.

4. Opportunity to earn rewards or recognition

The motivation of earning a reward, a little publicity, or even happiness is the driving force behind participation in most ad campaigns. 

Business That Have Nailed User Generated Content Campaigns

Though there are a several businesses that have amazed us with its unique and innovative user generated content campaigns, here are two most well known brands for you:

Absolut Vodka:

Absolut vodka user generated contant campaign

When it comes to creative user-generated campaigns, one brand that always tops the list is Absolut Vodka. Absolut Vodka has always managed to come up with the most innovative ideas for its brand campaign. Campaigns that not only create buzz around its product but generates huge sales. Here is one such campaign that lasted 25 years and is known as the longest-running campaign in the world. 

Absolut became an iconic bottle when it piqued the interest of Andy Warhol, who created Absolut’s famous print campaign in 1986. The campaign was to create awareness around its new iconic bottle design but this print ad resonated well with people across different countries. They came up with their own pictures with everyday things that resemble the iconic Absolut Vodka bottle design. 

This campaign ran non-stop for 25 years and racked up more than 1500 variations. They were used globally and generally focussed locally. This meant that people felt connected, and when people feel connected they’re happier to purchase from you.

In the US alone they saw a rise of 10,000 cases sold in 1980 to 4.5million cases in 2000. They made up more than half of the imported brands to the entirety of the US. The company saw a rise in cities around the globe and they did that by making their bottle the star of the show.


In 2016, Starbucks launched a Red Cup Design Challenge

In 2016, Starbucks launched a Red Cup Design Challenge. It invited fans and customers to design their own cup and post the picture on social media. Starbucks picked 13 winners whose designs were launched in-stores for the festive period.

The brand then continued its personalization theme for the following year and released white cups. Customers could color in with pencils in-store, and naturally creating user-generated content at the same time.


User-generated content campaigns have always helped brands create a huge impact and position their product to a whole new level. When packaged with creativity, it can be a huge sales magnet. It can help gain huge organic traffic to your business while establishing a strong brand-customer relationship. WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business API like SocialEpoch SCRM can be a crucial element in creating user content-based campaigns and establish long-term engagement with customers. 

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