A. SocialEpoch is the leading WhatsApp CRM provider and specialized in dark social marketing for the global market. We integrated many power-packed features to empower your business on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a vastly used application for people around the world to

communicate. It is more effiffifficient and direct to contact your customers via

WhatsApp rather than traditional Email. SocialEpoch will help your manage

clients more productively on WhatsApp through its powerful features like creating

customer profifiles, sending quick replies, communicating with customers in

multiple languages with the help of our multilingual support feature, etc.

Currently, SocialEpoch works on Windows and the Android system.

For the time being English and Mandarin are the principal languages on the

SocialEpoch operating system.

You can directly contact our sales team from whom you consulted about the paid

plan or write to us at moppo.india@gmail.com .

SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM does not send messages on behalf of you,

however, we have other WhatsApp marketing toolkit through which it can be

accessible, please contact us at moppo.india@gmail.com for more detailed


For the time being, you can pay through PayPal and PayTM (for the Indian

market). We have provision to extend more payment availability in the near future.

Nonetheless, you can always consult with our Sales team in case you want to pay

another way.