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Guidelines for using WhatsApp official account

First of all, congratulation on getting WhatsApp Official Account approval. If it’s not too much trouble read the underneath direct cautiously as which contains the most significant rules to be followed while utilizing the WhatsApp Official Account. If you are not sending messages according to the WhatsApp guidelines your number is probably going to get restricted by WhatsApp.

Limitations on Messaging 

Messaging limits decide the number of special clients your business can send messages to consistently. This incorporates new discussions just as existing discussions with clients. As far as possible doesn’t restrict the number of messages your business can send, only the quantity of clients you are attempting to message. It likewise doesn’t have any significant bearing to messages sent because of a client started message inside a 24-hour time frame.

• Tier 1 : Allows your business to send messages to 1000 interesting clients in a moving 24-hour time span. 

• Tier 2 : Allows your business to send messages to 10000 special clients in a moving 24-hour time frame. 

• Tier 3 : Allows your business to send messages to 100000 exceptional clients in a moving 24-hour time frame.

Rating and Quality Guidelines

The rating and quality shows how messages have been gotten by your clients in a moving window in last 24 hours. WhatsApp shows it in three unique states:

  • High (green)
  • Medium (yellow)
  • Low (red)

Sometimes, a telephone number may show one of two specific statuses that are identified with quality and informing limits: Flagged and Restricted.

  • Flagged: This is a cautioned state. At the point when the quality rating arrives at a low (red) express, the telephone number is moved to a Flagged status. 
  • If the quality rating improves to a high (green) or medium (yellow) state more than 7 days, the telephone number will re-visitation of a connected status. 
  • If the quality rating doesn’t improve inside 7 days, the number will at present re-visitation of a Connected status yet with a lower informing limit forced on it.
  • Restricted: Phone numbers that arrive at their informing limit are moved to a Restricted state. During a Restricted express, the number will be not able to send any notice messages until the 24-hour window for sending messages is reset. They can at present react to any messages started by clients.

A business’ phone number will be climbed to the accompanying level if: 

Its quality rating isn’t low, and 

  • The absolute proportion of customers it sends a notification to implies twice its current illuminating breaking point inside a 7-day time span. 
  • At the point when the business shows up at this cutoff, it will be moved to the accompanying level. The base proportion of time this update can happen is following 48 hours, when the business is sending messages up to their current limit every day. 
  • See the charts underneath for examples of how a business may move to the accompanying level: 

Model 1: A business is refreshed from Tier 1 to Tier 2 when it messages a total of 2,000 customers inside a 7-day time period. 

Model 2: The chart explains illuminating cut-off in a moving 24-hour window. 

Follow Opt-In Rules 

Just send messages to clients who have picked into accepting messages from your business. Continuously ensure you are holding fast to the WhatsApp Opt-In Guidelines to keep up high calibre of rating.

Take care of Messaging Frequency and Time 

Be aware of informing recurrence, abstain from sending clients such a large number of messages a day. Be nice of instructive messages, upgrading for substance, and length. Ensure you are sending messages at the perfect time.

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