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How to drive traffic to WhatsApp?

How to drive traffic to WhatsApp?

Google has been always the NO. 1 in search area in the world. Except for several countries, Google is in a monopoly position. According to the statistics of StatCounter Global Stat, Google’s market share in 2019 is 92.63% which is quite high, Google has left other search engines far behind.

How to drive traffic to WhatsApp?

As a cross-board company, how can you ignore Google Ads in marketing? Except for google search itself, there are many search partners in Google Search Ads. And there are more than 5+ million websites and apps in google display network which has rich ad forms including image, text and video to attract users to click and take action in your website. Different from the CPM bidding rule of Facebook, you can choose CPC bidding rule in Google Ads, that means you don’t have to pay when your ad gets an impression, you just need to pay when your ad is clicked by users. What’s more, as a tech giant who cares much in user experience, Google has its own intelligent anti-cheat system. Fees due to repeat clicks and cheating traffic will be refund to your ads account in some time, thus well protects clients’ rights and interests.

But you maybe curious on why SocialEpoch, providing WhatsApp SCRM to help customers establish and optimize their WhatsApp marketing, is so active in recommending google ads. The only one reason is that google ads is really useful for your marketing.

How to drive traffic to WhatsApp?

Let’s get into today’s topic: How to drive traffic to your WhatsApp?

Precondition: a google ads account

  1. Google Search Ads

Google search ads is based on user’s search keywords, very accurate traffic is its biggest advantage.

A: Make delivery plan

A good delivery plan is need to be made before starting your google ads, and choose and confirm keywords is the main task.

For example, you are going to promote an earn money online website in India, and want to lead customers to your WhatsApp service accounts. Your landing page is done, and the WhatsApp contact button is always floated in the bottom, the texts and images are very attracted to uses to click the contact button.

Use keyword planner to choose proper keywords: Click “Keyword Planner” in menu “TOOLS & SETTINGS”. Then choose “Discover new keywords”, enter “earn money”, select a location to target and select the language, then click “GET RESULTS”.

Google Search Ads

Change “Search network” to “Google and search partners”, then the data you see will be rich and completed.

Google Search Ads

Note: You will find some phrase which contains your main keywords but is not relevant to your business area. You can add this phrase as your negative keyword in advance, so that to avoid wasting ads fee. For google search ads, it is quite important to add enough and right negative keywords, it is related to your ads effects directly.

B: The second big block of google search ads: Create ad.

Take SocialEpoch as an example, you can create responsive search ad and expanded text ad. As shown in the following image.

Take SocialEpoch

Google Ads launch new ad forms or new features irregular. The responsive search ad is launched in the recent two years. So it is necessary and helpful to pay attention to google ads feature updates and to use them, you will find surprising and useful discoveries.

2.Google Display Ad

A: Choose to exclude from app placements

Google display ads are displayed in google display network which contains many websites and apps. Generally speaking, the traffic quality in apps is very bad and the traffic is huge. For people who are not very familiar with the display ads, it is suggested to remove app traffic initially to avoid wasting money. Check the 141 app categories to exclude from all apps.

Google Display Ad

B: Ad targeting

Different from Google Search Ads, the targeting method of Google Display Ads is more flexible, you can combine multiple elements together. For example, combine Keywords and Topics, combine Audiences and Demographics.

 Ad targeting

It is suggested to explore Audiences further to test its final effect.

 Ad targeting

C: Ad type

The most widely used ad type is resonsive display ad in google display ads. You are allowed to add multiple images, logos, videos, headlines, long headlines and discriptions. Google’s intelligent bidding system will combine these elements automatically to get the best performing ad combination.

Ad type

At last, lets’ discuss the very common question: WhatsApp account blocking.

Google traffic is huge, if your WhatsApp account put in the ad landing page promoted in Google Ads is fluxed with large amount of customers, then it may trigger the anti-cheat system of WhatsApp, your WhatsApp account will probably be blocked. Just as one of our big customers in Southeast Asia who never add new contact actively but the WhatsApp account is blocked for unknown reasons. It is really annoying. In this situation, you are suggested to try to use SocialEpoch Traffic Bypass, a tool used for free for everyone.

  1. Generate a traffic bypass link in one click.
  2. Lead your customers to other customer service accounts without letting them know.
  3. Automatically send personalize greetings when customers contact you.
Ad type