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Integrate WhatsApp With CRM to Get Unique Business Benefits

Integrate WhatsApp With CRM to Get Unique Business Benefits


Brands can benefit from integrating their CRM with WhatsApp. The messaging app is one of the most popular tools in the world; it has over 1 billion users and more than 40 billion messages sent every day. It’s no wonder that many companies are getting creative with ways to integrate it into their workflow, including using it as a customer support channel.

WhatsApp CRM features [SocialEpoch]

Multilingual Support


Auto translate all messages into the language you prefer

Empower your team to communicate productively with customers from every corner of the world

Multi-accounts Login

Only one account is allowed on each device?

You can run up to 10 WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on SocialEpoch SCRM!

Create & Edit User Personas

Greet your clients on their big days in life, and save time from recognizing one lead to another since you can label them! Segregate your customers with tags for personalized marketing.

Data Synchronization


Real-time data synchronization between mobile and PC

Export chat records and customer information from all agent accounts at one click.

Contact Management

Import and export customers easily and organize customer personas and tags efficiently

Group Management

Group member export and group broadcast. Reach your target customers as precisely as possible.

Customer Journey

Record the whole process of acquiring leads and track customers’ behavior in the CRM.


Follow up with customers and share all the information with your team. Improve customer loyalty with SocialEpoch CRM.

Smart Chatbot


Solve Customer Queries 24×7. Automatically collect information from potential customers. Send texts, images, docs, and videos in a smart automated manner. 

Task Assignment

Assign your tasks or clients to your team as needed, since every client deserved to be served timely!

WhatsApp Marketing Toolkits


Create your own website within minutes, customize your e-business card, and select from massive free content templates as you want. Everything you name it!

AI Exploring for Potential Customers

Empowered by big data and AI, explore your potential customers on WhatsApp and reach them instantly.

Professional Support

We provide each client with a professional team for training and guidance to help you maximize your goals with SocialEpoch.

Increase in customer engagement and satisfaction

  • Customers can reach you anytime, anywhere, and at any time.
  • Customers can reach you whenever they want to.
  • Customers can reach you whenever they need to.

Travel industry benefits from WhatsApp integration with CRM

The travel industry is huge and WhatsApp is a great way to reach customers. Travel companies can benefit from WhatsApp integration with CRM by improving customer satisfaction and making their business more efficient.

  • Improve customer satisfaction: If you use your CRM to track customer interactions, you can find out how often travelers are contacting your company, what they’re saying, which area of the process they’re struggling with and more. With this information in hand, you’ll be able to improve the experience for future customers by fixing any problems that have surfaced or simply being available should they need help again.
  • Make processes more efficient: You can also use your CRM data as part of a larger strategy for automating key functions of your business—like booking flights or responding to customer issues—so they don’t require manual intervention anymore. This will reduce mistakes while also freeing up employees’ time so they can focus on tasks that require human interaction instead (or just take a break).

Other industries that can leverage WhatsApp CRM integration

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Restaurants and hotel chains can also benefit from WhatsApp integration, as the messaging app is widely used by their target audience. Businesses in this industry can make use of the high engagement on WhatsApp to increase customer loyalty and make sales more efficient.

Using WhatsApp is another way to increase your customer support and client satisfaction.

  • You can use WhatsApp to increase your customer support and client satisfaction.
  • This will result in an increase in business, which is a major concern for most businesses today.
  • This is because there are many competitors out there, so you need to come up with innovative ways of gaining an edge over them.
  • Using WhatsApp is one way to do this since it allows you to stay connected with your customers even when they are not around or do not have access to their phones (e.g., when they are at work).


The integration of WhatsApp with CRM is a great way to increase your business growth. There are many benefits of using this tool, including increased customer engagement and satisfaction. The travel industry has also found success with WhatsApp as a means for customer support. We’ve seen how businesses can use this integration for their own advantage and we look forward to seeing how more companies use it in the future!