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Make Customer Updation Faster, Easier, And Economical With SocialEpoch

Keeping in touch with customers and sending them regular updates can be a real challenge for businesses with a large customer base. Customer updation involves a lot of overhead costs, involves a lot of complexities, and is a time-consuming process. This is one of the main reasons businesses opt for WhatsApp as a tool to engage with customers. WhatsApp provides them an economical and faster method to connect with their customers on a regular basis.

But is WhatsApp enough to manage CRM for large organizations and thousands of customers?

The answer would probably be a no. Though WhatsApp is scalable and helpful on many fronts, it alone may not be sufficient to manage your organizational need and provide real-time customer service.

SocialEpoch helps you scale your WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business utilities and features to meet all the demands of a fast-growing and dynamic organization that keeps customer experience and service quality as its priority. 

What is SocialEpoch?

What is SocialEpoch?

SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp integrated SCRM tool that helps you provide an in-time response, improve personal engagement and offer a better customer experience. SocialEpoch helps you streamline your business workflow with WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business integrated SCRM. It allows you to connect with your clients and customers.

SocialEpoch offers features such as:

o Multilingual Support

o Multi-accounts Login

o Create & Edit User Avatar

o Data Synchronization

o Smart Chatbot

o WhatsApp Marketing Toolkits

These features make SocialEpoch SCRM a centralized one-stop solution for sales, marketing, and customer management. SocialEpoch not only makes customer updation faster, easier, and economic, it also improves customer engagement and boosts ROI.

How SocialEpoch makes Customer Updation Faster

Faster Customer updation using quick reply

SocialEpoch SCRM offers you a Quick Reply feature using which you can send pre-curated text messages to your customers with just a click. This saves you the time and effort of typing repetitive messages every single time. 

You can use the quick reply feature for customer updation regarding new product launches, an upcoming sale, away notifications, or even your serviceable hours. This ensures that your customers are always aware of when to reach out to you and about the latest products at any point in time. For many cases, these customers updations act as a CTA for your customers to reach out to your business website, store, or simply engage with you through chat to get further details. 

You can read more about the quick reply feature here and figure out how to use it for your business. 

How SocialEpoch makes customer updation easier

In addition to sending quick responses to your customers using the quick reply feature, SocialEpoch also offers the automated response features that make it extremely easy to manage a large and diversified customer base using the following features:

1. Automated response

Easier Customer updation using automated response

Do you get a lot of repetitive customer queries on a regular basis and waste a lot of your productive time responding to them?

Sending out repetitive customer updates can prove to be monotonous and daunting, especially if happens on a consistent basis. But with SocialEpoch, you can automate your frequent query responses using the automated response feature. With this feature, you can set certain query strings or keywords and their respective responses. 

Every time your customer sends a query that matches your automated response query or keyword, the respective response will be automatically triggered. All this will be done without any intervention from your end. Automated response feature makes your customer updation much easier and consistent irrespective of your audience size or incoming traffic. Learn more about automated response and its applications here

2. User Persona

Easier Customer updation using User Persona

As a business, the real challenge lies not in handling a large customer base. It’s in uniquely identifying each customer, their interest, preferences, purchase history, and sending out relevant customer updates to each customer. SocialEpoch allows you to create an elaborate customer user persona. This helps in uniquely identifying each customer and their interests and purchase details. With these details, you can send the most relevant customer updates and notifications to customers with ease. 

How SocialEpoch makes customer updation economical

How SocialEpoch makes customer updation economical

Exclusive SCRM tool with customer updation features comes with huge subscription charges. SocialEpoch on the other hand works as integration with WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. This makes the tool lightweight and easily compatible with most devices. 

WhatsApp integrated SocialEpoch SCRM brings together all the features of WhatsApp and a robust SCRM tool at a minimal cost. While WhatsApp and WhatApp Business integrated SocialEpoch is available for free to download, advanced and premium subscriptions are also available at minimal subscription charges. This clearly proves to be more economical as compared to any other CRM tool in the market.


Seeing the growing grasp of WhatsApp in digital marketing and customer relationship management, it’s undeniable that WhatsApp is the future of customer management. SocialEpoch can play a crucial role in providing businesses a fast, easy-to-use, and economic solution for customer updation and relationship management. WhatsApp integrated SocialEpoch is a holistic solution that offers a centralized sales, marketing, and customer relationship management tool. 

To know more about its features, click here, or request a demo by dropping a mail at [email protected]