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SocialEpoch WhatsApp SCRM Guide

1.     System configuration 

Management background: Use Google Chrome to open.

PC Client: 64-bit Windows system (except Windows XP system)

2.     Network conditions

① Computer:

Connect to WiFi: Click the network connection symbol at the bottom of your computer screen, select the network, and click the connect button.

② Mobile:

Open the settings, click “wireless LAN”, turn on the “wireless LAN” and choose the network to connect to.

3. Management background login

Open the following link in your browser: 

Fill in correct account and password, then click button”Login”.

4.     Create organization structure

Click “My Company->Department”, then click button “+” to add a department.

Then fill in the new department name and select a “Parent department”, and click button “OK”, then created successfully.

5.     Create agents

Click “My Company->Staff Account”, and click button “+New account” to create an agent.

Then fill in Account, Name, Password and Department, and click button “OK” to create an agent successfully.

6.     Agent authorization

A new agent needed to be added with some authorizations, can the agent be used.

Click “My Company->Staff Account”, and click button “Authorization”.

Check the authorizations to be added to the agent on the page and close the page, then the authorizations are added to the agent successfully.

7.     Download PC client

Open the following link in your browser, then download the PC client and install it into your computer.

8.     PC client login

Click the WhatsApp SCRM icon on your desktop, fill in correct account and password, then click button “Login”.

Note: Check “Login PC Client” when adding authorizations to an agent.

9.     PC client update

  • Every time you login the PC client, it will automatically check whether the client edition is the latest, if not, then a update prompt window will pop up. Open the client, and fill in agent account and password, then the update page will pop up.
  • Click button “Update”, then a user control page pops up.
  • Click “Yes” on page user control, then page “Close Processes” pops up.
  • Click button “Close All Processes” on page “Close Processes”, then goes back to update page, click button “Finish” on the page, the PC client is updated successfully .

10. WhatsApp account registration

Open the WhatsApp on you mobile, fill in the mobile number, then a verification code will be sent to the mobile number. Fill in the code and edit the personal information, then a WhatsApp account is registered successfully.

11. WhatsApp account login

Open the WhatsApp on your mobile, click “Settings”, then click “WhatsApp Web Version/PC Client”, finally scan the login QR code of the PC client.

12. PC client network connection status

1. When your PC client reminds: The computer is not connected to the internet, please check whether your computer network connection status is normal.

Check whether a webpage can be visited in the browser on your computer.

  • When your mobile client reminds: The mobile phone is not connected to the internet, check whether the mobile phone network connection status is normal.

Check whether a webpage can be visited in the browser on your computer.

13. What the agent can do in the management background?

  • The agent administrator can coordinate the relationship between multiple customer service agents and WhatsApp customer service accounts, including creating sub-accounts, managing organization structure, checking agent sub-accounts’ WhatsApp accounts, checking customer service’s chat histories in real time, and managing automatic reply and extended fields. These functions will help SocialEpoch’’s customers get accurate new users in the blue ocean of WhatsApp traffic.
  • An agent sub-account can check or manage different items according to different permissions. For example: Check chat hostory of the sub-account, modify the sub-account’s automatic reply content and extended fields.

14. What the agent can do on the client?

The intelligent reply allows the customer services to work efficiently in 24 hours including automatic reply and quick reply, WhatsApp group creation and group message sending, tag and mark contacts. And you can directly send a message or a friend request to the target WhatsApp user on a WhatsApp customer service account of the client. One agent can log in to multiple WhatsApp accounts, set multiple tags to an user, and send text / voice / picture / small video on the client.