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Transferring Chats Between Phones, A Possibility With This WhatsApp Feature

Changing phone numbers is never a pleasant experience. You need to rebuild your entire contact list( if you have backed up your phone book) and update your friends and family with your new contact number. But that’s not the worst part yet!

The worst part comes when you need to create a whole new WhatsApp account with your new number. Currently, WhatsApp gives you no option to restore your contacts and chat history if its saved from a different number. 

And its not just the case of changing numbers. If you are switching from Android phone to an iOS device or vice versa, there is still no possibility of recovering your chat history and multimedia files. 

But WhatsApp has acknowledged this issue faced by its users and is planning to come up with a solution for this. 

Key WhatsApp Feature Highlights

Here is what the new WhatsApp features offer:

1 . The feature will allow users to transfer their chat history between Android and iOS.

2 . The company is extending the feature to allow the transfer of chats between phone numbers too.

3 . The feature update makes it possible to take this WhatsApp chat history with you when switching across platforms.

These new changes will benefit users who are not only changing smartphones between the iOS and Android ecosystems but also those who are changing their numbers with it.

It is important to state that users will only get the option of migrating their chat when they sign into their WhatsApp account on the new phone for the first time and not later on in chats. For any additional chats, the migration tool will be used from one device to another.

It is anticipated that Facebook would be rolling out this feature anytime soon for its users. Are you excited for this WhatsApp Feature rollout?

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