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SocialEpoch WhatsApp Traffic Bypass Functions powerful beyond your imagination

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A few days ago, a “money is not a problem” customer in Southeast Asian told me with a troubled face: “WhatsApp is really too bad. One of my WhatsApp customer service accounts has been blocked, but I didn’t use the account to add any contacts initiatively, all the chats are started by  my contacts and then I add them as contacts. To my surprise, WhatsApp blocked my account. The biggest reason maybe an influx of traffic to my WhatsApp account! People like our product and are willing to start a chat with us. What did I do wrong?” From his resentful words, I know that he has taken a hard hit.

As we all know, whether you do overseas business or domestic business, WhatsApp account with much private domain traffic blocked is the most annoying thing. Once account is blocked, most of the effort is in vain. Some high quality potential customers are lost at least, even causes losses of 100,000 or 10 million. Although, private domain traffic is more and more popular, and it has many advantages obviously. There is no restriction from platform in doing private domain marketing, you can market in your own way. The account blocked problem is still an annoying problem  for marketing.

In response to the strict anti-cheat restrictions of WhatsApp, SocialEpoch has developed a tool called WhatsApp Traffic Bypass to help reduce the risk of triggering WhatsApp’s anti-cheat mechanism caused by the influx of much traffic at the same time, thus to reduce the risk of account blocked greatly.

Let’s see the functions of traffic bypass together.

You can generate ONE link to add contacts to your different WhatsApp accounts.

Once a user clicks the bypass link to contact you, a WhatsApp customer service account will be randomly assigned to the user, thus avoid much WhatsApp traffic influx at the same time in some time. So that to reduce the risk of triggering WhatsApp’s anti-cheat mechanism

WhatsApp Traffic Bypass helps to distribute customers evenly to customer services or sales for the follow-up relationship maintenance.

Distribute customers to different customer services automatically, avoiding assign sales leads manually.

For group links, it can also be used (currently version 1.0 has not yet launched group distribution)

You can divert different groups and monitor the number of people in the group, and then drain to a new group.

After knowing the above information, don’t you think that WhatsApp Traffic Bypass is sooooo awesome? Then let’s take a look at the operation video!