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WhatsApp CRM: Everything you need to know

Out of all the content informing applications, none can approach the client base and message volume of WhatsApp. Procured by Facebook Inc (FB) in 2014 for $19 billion, WhatsApp has become the informing stage with the most overall clients. With numbers like these, it is no big surprise that WhatsApp and other informing administrations are to a great extent answerable for the decay of SMS (or short message administration). 

Some Reasons for the Popularity :

No Cost. WhatsApp is a totally free help that utilizes a telephone’s Wi-Fi or cell information administration, rather than SMS. 

More Features. WhatsApp adds an entirely different measurement to informing that totally outperforms conventional SMS. For example, WhatsApp has better information sharing abilities for enormous records, for example, photographs and recordings and spearheaded different highlights, for example, a library of texting symbols and area registration. 

Advertisement Free. WhatsApp is liberated from promotions and additional tricks like many games and chat apps. 

Over-the-top informing applications like WhatsApp are as of now driving a change in perspective away from conventional SMS and towards lower-cost and highlight rich other options. However, the tools provided by WhatsApp to businesses are not everything they might need. There are many limitations that make a business onboard.

Some of the issues and limitations of many businesses are facing:

  • • A business can only permit/assign one person to handle the business account
  • • The automated reply is very limited in scope and usability
  • • Number of messages a business can send is also limited
  • • Importantly by default, the app cannot be linked to CRM.

Considering all such issues Social Epoch team had developed a WhatsApp CRM API for business, which gives everything a business need to turn WhatsApp into a conversion powerhouse. 

Some of the key features are:

  • • Unlimited exchange of messages at any given point of time
  • • Unified team inbox, so that business can assign multiple agents to interact with  its customers.
  • • Unlimited, 24/7 customer support
  • • A detailed CRM giving the business ability to re-engage best customers and to see what someone’s had purchased in the past.

Considering all facts and development and growing demand of customers for unified rich support communications, most of the brands sooner or later have to experiment with it, which can be complicated to get up and running. However, with the right partner, all of it can be done easily. SO if you are planning or want to integrate WhatsApp CRM for your business, get in touch with the SocialEpoach team today.