SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp Business CRM integration tool that provides its users a centralized CRM platform to find new leads, engage with existing customers, manage teams, and keep track of daily business analytics.

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users worldwide. SocialEpoch CRM with WhatsApp Integration gives you a platform to engage with WhatsApp users from any corner of the world and give your business global exposure.

Multi-Agent Login

CRM supports multiple agent logins simultaneously.

Cloud synchronization

All your messages, customer information, and valuable data remain safe at all times with automated cloud synchronization.

Multi-Account Login

CRM WhatsApp Integration supports up to 10 simultaneous login accounts per agent.

Keyword Detect and Intelligent Reply

Generate Keyword-based automated messages and intelligent reply feature. Send in-time response to thousands of your customers with just a click.

Team Management

CRM integration with WhatsApp allows macro and micro-level team management. It facilitates cross department management and individual task tracking through a centralized management portal.

Buyer Persona

Create and customize individual customer’s buyer persona and provide more accurate follow-ups and customer service with WhatsApp for business integration with CRM.