SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp Business CRM integration tool that provides its users a centralized CRM platform to find new leads, engage with existing customers, manage teams, and keep track of daily business analytics.

WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users worldwide. SocialEpoch CRM with WhatsApp Integration gives you a platform to engage with WhatsApp users from any corner of the world and gives your business global exposure.

Multi-account Manag- ement On The Same Screen

Supporting up to 10 simultaneous login accoun-ts per agent at same screen

Bulk Sending

Bulk sending to many customers , support all m-essage type such as Text , Picture, Video, Au-dio, Contact Card, Especially parameterized Me-ssages.

AI auto Reply&Quick Reply

According to different keywords, automatically reply to customer questions, intelligent promp-ts, quickly reply to custo-mer inquiries, new cu-stomers inquiries if you are not online,can aut-omatically send greeting .

Global Language Automatic Translation

Built-in a variety of the most advanced translat-ion engines, allowing you to communicate with
global customers smoothly

Work Task and Customer Business Cycle Tracking

Importing task list, assigning them to different employees for processing, follow-up, and trac-king and viewing at key nodes in the customer’s entire business cycle

User Persona System & User Profile System

Rich user smart tags and manual tags, to analy-ze and query users’ static attributes and behav-ior data

Automatic Backup of Data Assets

All Data were Sync on the server, The contacts of blocked account can easily transfer to anoth-er Agent, whole-process talk quality detection

Support PC and Mobile Terminal at the Same Time

Mobile can Meet mobile office needs


Rich report system supports scientific decision making including new customers counting