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WhatsApp add friend link tool, you will be out if you don’t use it!

WhatsApp add friend link tool, you will be out if you don't use it!

For the marketing and sales staff who use WhatsApp to expand their business, the design of WhatsApp to add friends is really bad. Unlike WeChat, you only need to provide a QR code, then he or she is able to add you.

But for WhatsApp, you need to know the contact’s phone number, you have to ask his or her nationality, then find the country code according to the nationality, and then save the phone number to your contacts, until WhatsApp recognizes the registered number can you communicate with the contact via WhatsApp. Don’t you feel that it is so complicated to add a WhatsApp contact? Similarly, if you put your WhatsApp number on your promotional sites for promotion, you will meet the same problem. Even if customers know your WhatsApp number, it will take at least three or four steps to contact you on WhatsApp. The conversion path is so long, potential customers are losing in every step, and many potential customers have gone away before entering the chat with you and remarketing stage.

It is really sad. How to solve the problem?

The WhatsApp Link Generator of SocialEpoch can help you solve this problem well. Let’s take a look together. What specific functions does the SocialEpoch tool help you solve this problem?

First: Shorten the path for customers to add you

Customers who have an impression of your product or your brand can quickly find you and add you as a friend in one click.

Second: stronger media compatibility

No matter when and where, when you are doing promotion, you can avoid complicated forms, and solve the problem of can’t leave phone number directly in the platform. Only a link is needed to make you get customers easily. At the same time, there are rich customization features, you can add picture click button or anchor text for this link.

Third: Think out the first sentence that your customers will send you.

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to speak out the first word to a strangers. It may make customers hesitate to contact you or even give up. But if you get the icebreaker ready, the customer just need to click and send you the message, and get your positive feedback. The possibility of customers contacting you will increase greatly.

The functions of SocialEpoch WhatsApp link generator are listed in the above.

Let’s follow the video to experience it together!