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Top 5 WhatsApp Marketing Tools And Service Providers in 2021

WhatsApp Marketing Tool and service providerss

Our addiction to social media is increasing each day.  But of all social media platforms, WhatsApp has found significant popularity among users of all age groups. This has led brands to use it as a means to promote their businesses, and Whatsapp marketing has become the latest digital marketing trend. WhatsApp allows businesses to come up close and personal with their audiences. This helps businesses identify leads, pursue them effectively and convert them into loyal customers through time.  

But WhatsApp marketing requires several tools to enhance the marketing capabilities and make the process effective. There are several WhatsApp Marketing service providers in the market, which offer high-end WhatsApp Marketing tools for all kinds of businesses. But before we discuss about it, let’s first learn about WhatsApp marketing and its advantages.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is a messenger marketing technique, which implies promoting a brand through WhatsApp. WhatsApp marketing involves using the messaging platform to reach out to people, find leads, educating customers about products and services, and providing customer care.

WhatsApp is the most widely used social platform and has the highest message open rate. This gives businesses the leverage of getting higher customer attention and in-time response and makes marketing through the platform more effective. 

Businesses are using the WhatsApp platform for connecting with customers on a personal level, sharing product or service updates, carrying out customer care services, and building a positive brand image with instant responses.

5 Best WhatsApp Marketing Service Providers

Why It Should Be On Your Radar

Here are some of the best WhatsApp Marketing service providers in the market

1. Sirena. app helps businesses engage with their customers through WhatsApp and bring their online and offline worlds together. It provides a centralized communications channel and helps in keeping track of communications within the organization. Through, businesses can have new clients automatically and exclusively assigned to the sales team. 

Key features of

1 . Through, different members of the organization can share their WhatsApp screens. This ensures transparency and consistency between teams of the organization.

2. provides a shared Facebook and WhatsApp inbox that allows users or agents to work collaboratively as they respond to clients

3. allows automated Serina bots to take care of all customer queries and provide instant responses.

4. Website Visitor Tracking feature helps users to identify potential leads and send them follow-up emails for further communications. 

WhatsApp marketing tools

2. SocialEpoch

Social Epoch is a CRM integration software particularly built for business via WhatsApp that offers features like contact management, tags, sales funnel, polls, or build your e-commerce store on WhatsApp. It finds its application in industries such as e-commerce, retail, education,  public services, and automotive. Businesses can use the platform on any device and target a large number of customers through a platform they are familiar with. Through SocialEpoch, businesses can approach leads on a personal level and offer customized services and boost customer experience.

Key features of SocialEpoch:

1 . SocialEpoch provides cloud document storage which keeps all your essential documents and data safe. 

2. The internal Chat Integration feature of SocialEpoch allows marketing admin to run multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously and integrate chats between different departments or processes on the same tool. 

3. Marketing Automation Integration through SocialEpoch allows businesses to run marketing campaigns, share advertisements and product updates, and carry out CRM processes using the same tool. 

4. The best feature of SocialEpoch is that it can run entirely on mobile and makes it easy for marketers to manage customer notifications on the go. This also allows businesses to provide services in real-time. 

5. SocialEpoch also works as a task management tool and can help big enterprises manage tasks between teams and keep all processes in sync. 

WhatsApp marketing tools - Socialepoch

3. WhatsHash

WhatsHash is one of the WhatsApp marketing platforms that act as a CRM tool and enables sales, support & marketing services. Using WhatsHash, businesses can share files and access each other’s contacts within the organization. Whatshash offers a group polling feature that helps businesses get useful feedback from customers and ensure high engagement. 

Key features of WhatsHash:

1 . WhatsHash offers a document storage feature where you can save all text messages, photos & videos sent by customers. It also allows retrieving and filtering them using a powerful dashboard.

2. WhatsHash allows businesses to build customer profiles and save customer information like Name, Email, etc. This helps in managing long contact lists and identifying each one of them uniquely.

3. With WhatsHash users can create tags that are similar to folders making contacts, messages, and media more manageable.  

4. With Auto-Sync Chat, users can easily sync the conversation of any contact, group, or broadcast list

WhatsApp marketing tools - WhatsHash

4. AMOcrm

AMOcrm is a multi-channel communication tool that works across multiple messaging platforms. AMOcrm lets you converse through messengers, emails, and calls from a single app. It provides businesses a robust CRM platform to connect with their customers on a personal level. AMOcrm is a cloud-based platform and provides businesses a secure and easy to use API to manage their daily tasks. 

Key features of AMOcrm:

1 . AMOcrm allows contacts management by assigning tags which makes it easy to differentiate among contacts. 

2. AMOcrm offers task management features that make it easy for marketing teams to coordinate with each other. 

3. To make managing large contact lists on messaging apps, AMOcrm includes an import/and export feature. Through this feature marketing person can add multiple contacts across various messaging platforms easily. 

4. The biggest advantage of using messaging platforms is that it makes lead management easy and effective. AMOcrm helps businesses approach leads on a personal level and convert leads into customers.

WhatsApp marketing tools - AMOcrm


It is a cloud-based software company that offers relationship management services. It focuses mainly on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application uses self-learning AI to help agents manage, respond to and automate conversations. 

Key features of

1 . offers unified messaging, which helps teams get a holistic view of the ongoing activities and communicate at a scale.

2. It offers powerful broadcast and survey features that help users keep their audiences engaged and updated about the latest notifications. 

3. has chat automation tools that allow businesses to respond to a large group of people instantly using pre-curated templates.

4. The platform uses self-learning AI to help agents manage, respond to and automate conversations.

WhatsApp marketing tools

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing Software

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp marketing software helps extend the capabilities of the WhatsApp messaging app and use it as a full-fledged marketing software. Here are some of the main advantages of WhatsApp marketing software:

1 . WhatsApp marketing software provides a centralized channel for multiple teams in an organization and brings transparency between teams. 

2 . It offers automated tools that enable instant responses to a large group of customers without any manual intervention. 

3 . It helps in collecting, processing, and storing all critical data to improve customer engagement and overall experience.

4 . It provides features to customize contact details and helps in identifying each member of the contact list easily.

5 . It allows creating broadcast lists and share regular updates to a large number of people easily.

WhatsApp marketing tools and help businesses have a clear picture of how well their marketing strategy is performing and bring transparency between teams as well as clients. Irrespective of how big your organization is or the type of product you are offering, WhatsApp marketing automation tools and SCRM help in keeping a constant track of all important aspects of the business and bring more efficiency into the system.