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Top 8 Essential WhatsApp Marketing Tools for Small & Medium Businesses

Top 8 Essential WhatsApp Marketing Tools for Small & Medium Businesses

If you are running a small business or starting up with a new one, you just be aware of the struggle of finding potential customers for your business. It’s a long and tedious process of finding interested audiences and turning them into customers. Here is when Social Media Marketing comes into the picture. Social Media marketing or SNS(Social Networking Services) Marketing is the most effective ways to find potential customers and grow your market base. Here is everything you need to know about SNS marketing and WhatsApp Marketing Tools.

SNS Marketing involves marketing through social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and similar platforms. SNS marketing helps businesses in finding their target audience faster by focusing on specific groups of people based on their interests. 

WhatsApp is one of the most popular marketing platforms that we know of currently. It’s a place where businesses can talk to their customers and sell them their products personally. Thoughtful marketing on WhatsApp can help a business grow manifolds in no time. Here are a few useful WhatsApp marketing tools that Small and medium businesses can use to grow their business.

8 Useful Tool in WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing isn’t really rocket science if you know about all its features and tools that it offers. If you aren’t aware of them yet, is a quick brief about each tool in WhatsApp marketing:  

1. WhatsApp link generator

Link generator-WhatsApp marketing tool

WhatsApp link generator tool allows users to create a sharable link along with a personal message. This can be useful for small and medium businesses trying to grow their business.  All they have to do is generate a link using the WhatsApp link generator and send it to people.

Those interested in their business can simply click on the link to start a WhatsApp conversation. You can also use SocialEpoch’s WhatsApp link generator tool to generate WhatsApp links and share them through your  WhatsApp Businesses profile.

2. WhatsApp Bulk sender

WhatsApp bulk sender- -WhatsApp marketing tool tool

As its name suggests, WhatsApp bulk sender allows businesses on WhatsApp Business to send bulk messages to a bunch of people at the same time. Sending product notification, payment reminder, welcome message, or any custom message to any number of contacts on WhatsApp becomes easy using WhatsApp bulk sender. 

3. WhatsApp Auto Reply

Auto reply -WhatsApp marketing tool

When you have thousands of contacts on your chat list and new ones keep adding every few hours, it becomes impossible to send individual messages to everyone. That’s when WhatsApp’s auto-reply feature comes in handy. The Auto-reply tool allows businesses to send predefined texts to its user automatically.

You can send out messages like “Hi XYZ, thank you for reaching out to us.” every time someone sends you a query or request. This tool in WhatsApp marketing will make your customers feel appreciated help build a personal bond.

4. WhatsApp Group joiner

Group joiner- -WhatsApp marketing tool

Being active in large social groups can be really helpful for businesses to know what people are interested in, what they are talking about, and in many cases, build a strong personal bond with its members. But WhatsApp has a limit of only 256 members for each group.

However, using the SocialEpoch tool, you can bypass this limitation and create larger groups. You can send group invite links to all your customers and join in for some interesting conversations. 

5. WhatsApp translator

WhatsApp Translator-WhatsApp marketing tool

WhatsApp translator is an inbuilt translator that can perform real-time translations. You can write a text in your language and WhatsApp will translate the message to another language of your choice. This tool can be really useful for businesses operating in regions where different languages are spoken.

The sender can write the message in their native language, and WhatsApp will translate it to the recipient and send the text.  This tool in WhatsApp marketing can help small businesses overcome language barriers while dealing with international clients. 

6. WhatsApp quick reply

Quick reply--WhatsApp marketing tool

The last thing any business would want to do is to leave their customers hanging. Sending prompt replies to messages and queries is highly appreciated by customers. It also reflects businesses’ dedication towards their customers. But writing individual messages to every customer can be difficult. In such cases, you can use WhatsApp quick reply feature to send pre-curated texts to your customers instantly.

Sending out messages like “Hey, thank you for contacting us. We are working on your issue and will get back to you shortly” can create a positive impression about your brand.

7. WhatsApp Polls

WhatsApp Polls

One of the best WhatsApp marketing tools and a great way to increase user engagement and improve visibility is by sharing interesting polls that users can participate in. Basing your polls on trending topics, product options, sports quizzes, and other topics that your users can relate to can be a great way to get some attention.

Though currently, this feature is not available on WhatsApp business, there are plenty of third-party sites that allow you to create a poll and share its clickable link on WhatsApp.

8. User data analytics

User analytics tool

User analytics are some basic data about users that many platforms use to improve their user experience. Information such as hardware device, location, IP address, transaction details, network information, and account information helps businesses in understanding their users better and in many improve their security against spams or any form of cyber threats. WhatsApp is one such platform that extensively users data analytics to keep its users safe from spam on its platform.

Small and medium businesses can use data analytics to help identify their target customers and improve their user experience and ensure higher engagement. Now that you know all about WhatsApp marketing tools for small and medium businesses, hope you find them useful in your venture. Also, make sure to update yourself with other marketing aspects such as WhatsApp marketing tips and how to avoid WhatsApp-ban to enjoy a fruitful experience with WhatsApp Marketing.