WhatsApp Traffic Bypass

Only one customer service account is serving all your customers? Is the customer service terribly defeated by high pressure and inconsiderable service. Don’t worry, we can help you solve the problem!


Generate a traffic bypass link in one click.


Lead your customers to other customer service accounts without letting them know.


Automatically send personalize greetings when customers contact you.

Fill in your information and get a traffic bypass link!

Add service account
Phone number must be 7 to 11 digits
WhatsApp length must be 7 to 11 digits
Fill in error
Cannot be empty

1. You can fill in up to ten WhatsApp customer service accounts, if you need to add more accounts, please contact us!

2. We recommend putting the bypass links in the form of images or other forms to your traffic sites, such as website, Facebook, LinkedIn.

3. When a customer click the bypass link, one of these customer service accounts will be selected randomly to chat with the customer.

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