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Why WhatsApp is Critical to Businesses Today and how WhatsApp CRM helps with that

Why WhatsApp is Critical to Businesses Today and how WhatsApp CRM helps with that

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application with over 2 billion users in 100 countries. WhatsApp is also one of the few apps that have over 5 billion downloads on the different app platforms. This makes WhatsApp one of the best platforms businesses can use to reach and engage with prospects and previous customers.

If WhatsApp is currently not part of your marketing and customer relations strategy, you are missing out on an opportunity to attract a significant number of your target customers to your business.

In this article, we shall discuss why WhatsApp is crucial to any business’ operations. We shall also look at how you can further enhance its impact by using a WhatsApp CRM.

What makes WhatsApp crucial to business?

What makes WhatsApp crucial to business?

1. WhatsApp Business has plenty of handy features

In 2018, WhatsApp launched a new version of the app called WhatsApp Business that was meant to enable small businesses to connect with their customers and prospects. Over the years, WhatsApp Business has got plenty of new features that small businesses can utilize to effectively improve the way they interact with their audience.

Some of the core features of WhatsApp Business include;

· Products catalog: Businesses can now add products to their WhatsApp profile that customers can view. WhatsApp allows you to add details such as pricing, product descriptions, and a URL in case you want to redirect the customers to the product page on your website.  

· Contact labels: This feature allows you to label contacts based on their stage in the customer journey. These labels make it much easier to send a message to a specific group of customers in your contact list.

· Quick replies: You can create quick replies to make it easier for you to respond to some of the common questions that customers ask you. Once you have created the quick replies, you simply have to press the “/” symbol on your keyboard to access and send any of these replies.

· Automatic greeting messages: WhatsApp now allows businesses to create an automatic greetings message that users will receive when they start engaging with your brand.

· Facebook Shop integration: If you have products on your Facebook shop, your customers can now send messages directly to your WhatsApp Business right from the Facebook shop page.

2. Close contact with customers

You will be more likely to get prompt feedback from target customers if you interact with them via WhatsApp than on several other platforms, including email. People spend so many hours on their phones and WhatsApp is one of those apps that they use the most.

3. You can trigger interactions by sharing products on your status

WhatsApp Status, a feature that is similar to Instagram Stories allows users to share texts, images, and videos that anyone with their contact can view. Small businesses can use this feature to share with their customers some of the best products or any other information that may want them to know about.

4. Great platform to offer support services

You can easily take care of your customer queries via WhatsApp. Since a significant number of your target customers are already using WhatsApp, it will be convenient for them to contact your brand using WhatsApp. WhatsApp also allows voice and video calls, which is way cheaper to manage than subscribing to a toll-free customer support number.

How WhatsApp CRM will make your experience much better?

How WhatsApp CRM will make your experience much better?

Collaboration capabilities

Using a WhatsApp CRM like SocialEPoch makes it easy to have the same WhatsApp account accessible to multiple members of your team. So, they can easily work hand-in-hand to handle certain customer issues that cannot be handled by one person. With this feature, you will also be able to monitor the interactions between your team and customers. So, you can always step in whenever the need arises.

Ability to chat with unsaved numbers

Currently, WhatsApp only allows you to text only the numbers that are saved on your phone. However, you can now use a WhatsApp CRM platform like SocialEPoch to send messages to any number without having to save it. This is a handy feature, especially if you have a huge list of numbers that you want to interact with without going through the hustle of saving them all.

Get more leads with the WhatsApp link generator feature

WhatsApp CRM platforms now have a tool that you can use to generate a link that leads your target customers to your WhatsApp Business inbox. There is also an option of adding a custom message that will be sent to your user’s WhatsApp inbox when they click this link. You can share this link on social media sites or by email to attract more people to interact with your brand via WhatsApp.

Global Language Automatic Translation

If you are running a business targeting users from different parts of the world, the translation capabilities that come with most WhatsApp CRM will make your conversions smoother. SocialEPoch in particular comes with a variety of the most advanced built-in translation engines that will allow you to communicate with your global customers smoothly.

You can use statistics to make better decisions

WhatsApp CRMs offer brands statics about their different customers, making it easier for them to make some of the crucial marketing decisions like determining whom to target in the next WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Final thoughts

Integrating WhatsApp into your marketing and customer relations strategy will make you get much closer to a significant number of your target customers and prospects

Integrating WhatsApp into your marketing and customer relations strategy will make you get much closer to a significant number of your target customers and prospects. Using WhatsApp CRM will further boost your WhatsApp experience, more so if you have a marketing and customer support team.

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