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How To Streamline Sales And Marketing With SocialEpoch

How To Streamline Sales And Marketing With SocialEpoch

What is more important, sales or marketing?? Well, both.

The right coordination between marketing and sales teams can be a crucial factor in the higher lead-to-customer conversion ratio. 

The sales team or the marketing team alone cannot get customers. It requires equal collaboration between these teams so that the right message is conveyed to the lead which could lead to conversion.

But when it comes to practical implementation, things go haywire as most businesses fail to maintain consistency. The main reason being that both the teams work as separate entities and have little to no common interaction points. This lack of transparency and interactions can slow down a lot of processes and can cause inconsistencies in the system.

Why Is It Important to Streamline Sales And Marketing

Sales and marketing are two different but important parts of a business. While marketing helps in identifying potential leads, it is the sales team that filters the most potential customers and nurtures them to become a customer. Since both these processes are interdependent, it becomes crucial for the management to strike coordination between the two.

Businesses that fail to do so face a lot of miscommunication between the teams that lead to extremely low conversion rates and a bad reputation.

By bringing sales and marketing under a common platform, businesses can create more transparency between the two teams and can streamline the sales and marketing processes to a great extent.

How SocialEpoch Can Streamline Sales And Marketing For Your Business

SocialEpoch SCRM offers a centralized management platform with a common interface for both sales and marketing teams. SocialEpoch is a WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business API which brings your entire sales and client management system to a common WhatsApp interface.  

Having a common interface brings transparency between the teams, speeds up a lot of processes, and brings more consistency in the organization.

Here are 5 ways you can streamline sales and marketing using SocialEpoch integrated with WhatsApp Business:

1. Contact labeling

streamline sales and marketing using contact labeling

For an account manager, scrolling through an endless list of contacts and identifying which one is a customer and which is a lead could be a real pain. With WhatsApp Business integrated SocialEpoch, you can assign labels to contacts so that they can be easy to identify for sales and marketing teams. 

In order to create a label, open your WhatsApp Business chat list, click on three dots on the top right corner-> go to Settings-> from messaging tools menu select Labels.

WhatsApp Business already offers you a few default labels such as New customer, new order, pending payment, paid, and order complete. 

You can create your own set of labels by clicking the ‘+’ sign at the button on your screen. Once you create a new label, you can go back to your chat list, to select contact of your choice. Once you select the contact by long-pressing it, you can see the label icon at the top of your screen. By clicking on it, you get to select your preferred label from the list. 

2. Account management

streamline sales and marketing with account management

SocialEpoch SCRM allows administrators or account managers to assign particular contact to a certain member of the team. It’s just like, when a person walks into your store, you hear their concern and assign an executive that is most suited to handle the customer further. 

The account manager feature can help simplify daily processes by redirecting customers to their concerned departments and teams. This will ensure that customers are redirected to agents that are experts in their field and customer gets the solution they are looking for.

To learn how to assign contacts to teams using the account manager feature, you can read the details here. The account manager feature can also save time as contacts that are meant to be handled by marketing would be redirected by their managers and likewise with the sales teams. 

3. Task management

streamline sales and marketing with task management

When multiple teams work together, mismanagement of tasks is a common problem. There are several tasks in sales and marketing which overlap each other to some extent. This can create unnecessary hassle as different teams may do the same task leading to repetition. 

For example, A lead has been inactive for a long time. In this scenario, either the marketing team can approach the lead and suggest some offers or the sales team can reach out to it to get their follow-up. But due to lack of transparency, it may so happen that both teams approach the same lead at the same time with a different context. This will not only create a bad impression for the lead, but will also a waste of time and effort. 

SocialEpoch task management system can be a handy tool in such a scenario. It allows team managers to delegate tasks to their team members and keep a visual track of every task in the team. The task management feature allows a member to reassign the task to its co-members if required. This helps streamline sales and marketing and brings more flexibility without having any adverse impact on its productivity. To learn more about how the task management feature works, click here.

4. Create a detailed user persona database

Create a detailed user persona database

Sales teams and marketing teams work on different customer information. With each keeping their separate database, it creates an incomplete picture about the potential customer. This could result in marketing teams finding leads which the sales team may deem unqualified to be a customer. This not only leads to loss of time, effort and money, but it also creates friction between the teams bringing down overall efficiency. 

SocialEpoch allows you to create an elaborate dataset for each customer known as User Persona. This user persona is shared commonly by both the sales and marketing team. With the User Persona feature, both teams get the complete picture of the customer profile. This reduces the chance of losing time over unqualified leads and improve team efficiency to many folds. 

As each business has its unique requirements. With SocialEpoch, you can customize the user persona fields as you like. To know more about it, click here.

5. Create follow-up schedule

Create follow-up schedule

Regular follow-ups are one of the most crucial parts of sales. It can increase sales and customer engagement at many levels. Many surveys show that pre-sale and post-sale follow-ups can help companies increase their sale by 2x to 10x  as compared to companies who do not work on follow-ups. 

SocialEpoch user persona can help you create a follow-up schedule by mentioning the dates of the last follow-up and upcoming follow-ups. This can help both sales and marketing teams to maintain a consistent schedule for their customers and aim for a superior customer experience. 

The company that uses follow-up metric seriously always end up with higher sales in comparison to those who do not.


SocialEpoch is more than just a WhatsApp-based CRM tool. It’s a holistic solution that can bring different departments of the business under one single roof. SocialEpoch helps bring efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness to the organization. SocialEpoch and its features can prove to be an apt solution for every organization. It can help streamline sales and marketing processes in an organization effectively. 

Would like to know how to use WhatsApp Business as a CRM tool using SocialEpoch? Click here or drop us a mail for a free demo at [email protected]